Chair of Governor’s Welcome

My name is Emma Gooding-Brown and I am honoured to represent Wellington Primary School as Chair of Governors.  Wellington’s Governing Body is made up of volunteers from our community, some of whom are parents of pupils at the school or are staff at school, whilst others are Local Authority representatives or co-opted to the Governing Body due to the skills they can bring.   We work together as a team with the Head Teacher to ensure that all our pupils receive the best possible education and are encouraged to meet their full potential.  We ensure the curriculum is well-rounded and diverse, and that the school helps pupils to become confident, content and productive members of society.

As Governors we set the strategic direction and are the school’s “critical friend” by asking challenging questions behind the reasons for decisions on every aspect of the school.  We make decisions on finances, staffing, maintenance of the premises and all teaching and learning within school.  We review school policies to ensure they are fit for purpose.  We ensure Wellington is constantly striving for improvement.

If you would like to find out more about our governors, or would like to contact me for any reason, my email address is , or you can contact me through the school office.

Emma Gooding-Brown


 AS AT 9th March 2020


Mr David Whitehead  Clerk to Governors
Mr Mohammed Azum Chair
Expires 10.09.21
Mrs Leila Abbasi Parent Expires 21.10.23
Mrs Emma Gooding-Brown Parent Expires 01.11.20
Mr. David Carey Co-opted Expires 01.07.22
Mrs Bryony Dolby Parent Expires 26.07.22
Mrs Joanne Holmes Co-opted (Staff) Expires 20.01.23
Mr Joe Parker Staff Expires 13.12.21
Ms Divinder Purewal Vice-Chair
Expires 01.11.20
Mrs Noshaba Rashid Parent Expires 05.02.22
Mrs Laura Sheffield Co-opted Expires 04.03.22
Mrs Joy Wood Head Teacher/HT Ex officio

Governors Vacancies under the new Instrument of Government :  3 Co-opted and 1 Local Authority

The number of co-opted governors who are eligible to be elected as staff governors must not exceed three.

Governing Body consists of:

6 Parent Governors: 1 LA Governor: 1 Staff Governor: 1 HT: 7 Co-opted Governors

School Governor Service – 01274 439400

 All Governors may be contacted through Mr David Whitehead, Clerk to the Governors or School


Governor Details 2019-20
Wellington Committe members & Named Governors 2019-20