What are we doing in school?

What are we doing in school?

We will use class time to reinforce the importance of washing our hands and sneezing into our elbows or a tissue to catch our sneezes, and avoid touching our eyes nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

We have demonstrated how to wash hands effectively.

Every classroom has boxes of tissues available.

Hand sanitiser and soap is available at all washing areas

Children will be asked to wash their hands at key intervals throughout the day:

– as they arrive at school

– before lunch

– after lunch

Our cleaning programme has been increased to include cleaning of all door handles regularly throughout the day, increased cleaning of surfaces throughout school.

The following activities have been stopped at the present time:-

Key stage and whole school assemblies.
Food making / food tasting.
Passing of objects and artefacts in circle time / show and tell.
Hand shaking.
Sharing of drinking cups in the classrooms.
Play involving sand, water and play dough.
Partner work in gymnastics.

Eating of snacks in Nursery and YR to be supervised, after supervised hand washing.

Carpet time will currently be kept to a minimum.

Planned visits up until Easter have been cancelled.

School will be closed to all but essential visitors up until Easter

Children have been asked to bring in their own water bottles.

Children have been asked to bring in their own pencil cases.