Year 1 Work

Week Beginning:  Monday 23rd March 2020

Remember to tweet any work you would like to share @WellingtonPSBD2 as we would love to see how you are all getting on.

Hi Year One,

Try out your doubling and halving skills! There are some board games to print and try with your family or you could make your own – can you make it nice and colourful?

Try the ladybirds challenge to double let’s try using your favourite toys and two plates to make it the same. To halve share your toys between your plates and make sure you have the same amount.


Can you try this quiz all about Africa? You can use an atlas, a grown up or the internet to help you answer the questions.

Have fun and stay safe!
Mrs Matthews


Fluent in Five – Year 1 – Week 13 – Five questions a day to improve your child’s arithmetic skills (answers provided).