Y4 Art Club’s Amazing Creations!

Well done to Y4 lunch time Art Club with Mrs Cochrane & Mrs Burrows!

Awesome deadly American animals made from clay.

Gorgeous hand sewn Christmas decorations.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our lunch times at Art Club this term!

Our deadly American animals were not easy to make but they looked awesome when they were finished and displayed. We modelled them out of clay, added lots of detail, let them dry, painted them carefully and glazed them with glue.

Our hand sewn decorations are ready for Christmas! Won’t they look gorgeous hanging up on our Christmas trees?

“We enjoyed Art Club because we spent time with our friends and made two lovely creations to take home!”

Summa McCarthy & Eleina McFadden 4CD






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Mrs Burrows

2nd December, 2015 at 6:22am

The year 4 students worked very hard in such a short period of time to make some wonderful, scary animals and some not so scary Christmas decorations. I’m sure you will agree that they all look fantastic. Well done 😉

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