5J journey into the world of water

Water. It’s a fascinating subject for both children and adults – for instance did you know that millions of years ago dinosaurs may have drunk the same water we’re using today?

On Friday 20th November 5J visited the water treatment works to support our Geography work on water. We headed to Headingley first to see how the water there is cleaned and made fit for us to drink. We enjoyed a session in the education centre where we were able to look at the types of pipes in our area, see the stages of cleaning and use interactive learning resources before heading down into the working area. Complete with hard-hats, high visibility jackets and headsets we were ready to see the huge factory floor and impressive, modern machinery. We were also surprised to learn that the whole place is run by computer and only takes 2 people to operate it!

Our next stop was at Esholt, which is one of the largest wastewater treatment works in Yorkshire, serving a population equivalent of some 760,000 from Bradford and the surrounding area. Donning hard-hats, goggles and gloves again, the children found Esholt particularly interesting as some parts of it are extremely old and here is where the sludge (Poo) and other grim finds are removed, treated and converted into poo power! Poo power is where the waste is heated and broken down to produce gases which help fuel the site…So, not even waste is wasted!

Our final costume change of the day was into our lab coats as we became scientists and looked at the effects of bacteria, flooding and not disposing of waste, oils and toiletries properly.

Many of the children said that they thought this was the most interesting trip yet, and I think all of them will think twice about what they flush down the toilets and sinks now they’ve seen first-hand what might just come back up again if they ever become blocked!

Miss Lindsay Stansfield

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