Vikings Rock!

On Thursday 30th June, Year 4 visited Murton Park to become Vikings for the day.  As guests of the village’s Lady, we were made most welcome.

Our first job was to get into role by dressing up in Viking costume. Special children were chosen as mothers and fathers of their family groups and even got to sit at the important top table in the Great Hall.

After being accepted into the Viking village, we discovered just how difficult a life the Vikings had.  Jobs included farming, wood collecting, oil pot making and best of all…Viking guard training!  We even managed to entertain our hosts with super jokes, dances and songs during our Viking feast.  Abigail commented, “I really enjoyed being a Viking and I mostly liked battling the Anglo-Saxons“.

Back in the village, the children continued working hard on typical daily Viking tasks until some ugly, devious Anglo-Saxons were spotted approaching the gates. Luckily our children did an amazing job at defending everyone and managed to scare the scoundrels away.  Maddie said, “It was really fun and I learned a lot more about the Vikings, my favourite part was making the bread and doing the weeding“.

Being Vikings for the day was an amazing experience and really helped broaden our understanding of this historical period.  Once again Wellington pupils were complimented on their great behaviour, super listening and polite manners.

Well done Year 4!

Mrs Kath Dunne, Mrs Moira Cochrane & Miss Rebecca Halliwell

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11th July, 2016 at 7:48pm

I had a great time.
Thank you for the trip


15th July, 2016 at 8:16pm


Zara H

8th October, 2016 at 7:26pm


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