Mr Gunstone engaged Key Stage 2 in an exciting Pancake Day assembly this morning!

Not only did he impress us all with his pancake making skills but we all bought into the message he shared.

Lent is a Christian time of reflection and evaluation. Many Christians commit to fasting or giving up certain types of treats during the forty days of Lent. Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday is a day for using up food that cannot not be eaten during Lent, which is a time for fasting.

There was eager sampling of sweet fillings which enhanced the flavour of pancakes and made them delicious. Only Mr Gunstone and Miss Stansfield were brave enough to try a vinegar flavoured pancake which they both agreed completely spoilt their pancakes.

If the pancake is our school / community / the world … are you the sweet filling that makes our school a better place or the vinegar that spoils it?

We reflected on how we could all be sweet fillings that make our school a better place: being kind and helpful, share willingly, show respect, be a good listener, be honest, work hard, look after everyone and everything at school.

Moira Cochrane

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