Nursery wowed by Space topic

In the Spring Term, nursery have enjoyed a Space topic.  It has been so popular that we have had to extend it a few more weeks.  The children have made their own lunar landscape with papier mache, which took a long time to dry, and they have enjoyed playing with the small world resources on it.  We have our own Space Station with a rocket to fly anywhere we choose; it even has a control panel inside that the children made.

We mixed some lunar sand outdoors which we then used for a science experiment.  We used a selection of big and small balls, heavy and light balls, and we experimented to find out which one made the best and deepest craters.
We have also created lots of artwork based on space – making pictures of the Earth using pipettes, creating our own planet pictures using drippy glue and coloured sand, and a whole range of drawings  and paintings.
The children have listened to lots of stories about space, astronauts and aliens including ‘Aliens in Underpants’, ‘The Aliens are Coming’, ‘Whatever Next’ and many others.

We have really enjoyed this topic and have learnt a lot about space.

Mrs Margaret Finter

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