Super Sunflowers in Nursery

The children in Nursery, individually planted a sunflower seed in a pot, then took it home at the end of the Summer 1 Term.  They had instructions about how to look after the seed and nurture it to grow in a healthy plant.

The children were really excited about their plants, telling us all about their progress.  In the Summer 2 term we asked the parents to bring in a photograph to show us.  We displayed all the photographs in the classroom display and launched a competition to find out who could grow the tallest sunflower; the closing date was Friday 16th June.

The winner in the morning session was Bethany Close and the runner up was Abu-Bakr Rashid.  The winner in the afternoon session was Lexie Hanson and the runner up was Aniyah Safaa.  The winners  received prizes and all the other entrants received a small consolation prize.

Mrs Margaret Finter


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