Message from Mrs Wood

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well and staying safe.

From today, you and your families will have the opportunity to contact your teachers directly by e-mail,  if you need guidance about the work.

What we can do:-

  1. We can explain the tasks that you have to do, if you are not quite sure.
  2.  You can send your teacher a piece of work, which you are particularly proud of.  Choose one.  Explain why you are particularly pleased with this piece of work.
  3.  We will be able to comment on the chosen piece of special work, which you send.

What we can’t do:-

  1. We won’t be able to mark your work.  You can use the answer sheets from the website, in order to mark your own work.
  2. We won’t be able to have a general e-mail “chat” with you – we will need to concentrate on queries about the work.

Your teachers will check their e-mails once a day, so you can expect a reply within 24 hours, at the very latest.

We are missing you all very much.  The school building seems very strange without you!  Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can meet with you all again.

With very best wishes to all of you.

Mrs Wood

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