Message from Joy Wood, Head Teacher – Full Re-opening Monday 7th September 2020 : Additional Information

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school on Monday 7th September 2020.

Children who have not attended school since 20th March may be feeling a little nervous about returning.  And so too will their parents be anxious.

We understand. It is Wellington’s top priority to make everyone feel safe, secure and very welcome in school.  We can all work together to get used to the “new normal”; rules and systems designed to keep us all safe.

Listed below are reminders and additional details about September’s opening.

Back to our old (last year) classes

  • Pupils will be returning to their old (2019 – 2020) classes for one week on 7th
  • They will arrive by their old classroom door and work in their old classrooms.
  • Last year’s teachers and teaching assistants will be there to welcome them.
  • Together, staff and pupils will re-establish working routines.
  • Staff will make sure that all pupils understand hygiene and safety systems, to keep everyone safe from the virus.
  • Staff will explain the new part of the Home School Agreement. This is all about keeping to the rules, which will keep everyone safe from Covid.
  • During the first week pupils will also meet their new teachers and will visit their new classrooms.
  • Pupils will move to their new classrooms, and begin working with their new teachers from Monday 14th

Arrival and Departure

Staggered arrival : between 8.35 – 9.05.

  • The school’s main aim is to avoid gatherings of pupils and gatherings of parents on the playground.
  • All three entrances to the school will be open – from Dudley Hill Road, from Wellington Road and from Leeds Road via the pathway on the school field.
  • Because families have siblings in different year groups, we have decided against allocating various arrival and departure times for different year groups. This system would have made it very awkward for parents, causing a great deal of coming and going when delivering and collecting siblings.
  • Therefore, the school is offering a staggered arrival time from 8.35 – 9.05.
  • We need your help and cooperation for this to work effectively and efficiently.
  • Please do not come onto the playground before 8.35. This will avoid groups of pupils and parents gathering together.
  • Doors will be open promptly from 8.35, staffed by teaching assistants.
  • As soon as children arrive on the playground, they should go directly into the building, without delay.
  • Parents are asked to stand well back from the doors. Please watch your children go safely into the building from a distance.
  • Parents are asked to respect social distancing. Please keep 2 metres apart from other parents.  Please do not socialise on the playground.
  • The school would appreciate parents using face coverings when coming onto the school playground. This will protect everyone.  We cannot insist, but it would show consideration to the Wellington community.

Staggered Departure / Dismissal   : between 2.55 p.m and 3.20 p.m.

  • Pupils will be ready to leave from 2.55 p.m.
  • Please do not arrive on the playground before 2.55 p.m.
  • The teaching assistants will be watching out for you. The blinds will be open.
  • Please signal your arrival and then stand back from the window and door, to await your child’s dismissal.
  • The teacher or teaching assistant will watch to make sure your child has safely made contact with you.
  • Please do not engage staff in conversation during dismissal. Teachers and teaching assistants will need to concentrate on making sure all children meet up safely with their parents.
  • Any questions can be sent to teachers’ e-mail addresses. Staff e-mail will be checked daily by all teachers.  We will respond within 24 hours.
  • Anything urgent – please ring the school office.
  • In Y5 and Y6, pleased let the staff know if your child has permission to walk home unaccompanied by an adult.

Late Arrivals

  • Children who are late must NOT arrive via the main entrance. Please go to the classroom window and attract an adult’s attention to gain access.
  • Depending how late it is, you may need to go to the office window to gain access to the playground through the locked playground gates.

Lunchtime Arrangements

  • The canteen will re-open from Monday 7th September to provide hot meals, if required. There will be a limited menu – (a) non-halal  (b) halal  (c) vegetarian.
  • Children requiring a hot meal will go to the canteen for their meal in their year group “bubble” and will sit with their bubble.
  • Pupils will be seated in the canteen and plated up meals will be served to them by lunchtime staff. This will prevent queuing at the hatch.
  • Children who bring a packed lunch to school will remain in their classrooms, within their year group bubble. They will eat their packed meal in their classrooms.
  • A cold “pack up” can be ordered from the kitchen, if parents prefer their child not to go to the canteen. These pack ups will be delivered to classrooms and will be eaten in the classrooms.
  • The number of supervising staff at lunchtime has been increased. In addition to lunchtime supervisors, some teaching assistants will also be supervising children in the canteen, in the classrooms and on the playground during dinner time.
  • The school would like to encourage as many parents as possible to send children to school with a packed lunch or to order a packed lunch from the canteen. It will be easier to safeguard year group bubbles, if children remain in their classrooms to eat their lunches.
  • Payment for meals remain unchanged. Payment should be made to the Catering Company via the drop box.  (Payments should be handed through the office window to office staff.)
  • Universal free school meals (hot or cold) will continue for YR, Y1 and Y2.
  • Food vouchers will not continue in September.
  • Pupils who bring a packed lunch from school may bring their own (named) lunch box. These should NOT be fabric.  They should be made of a material which is easily wiped down.  Alternatively, children may bring their packed lunch in a paper carrier bag or a plastic carrier bag. Please write the child’s name on the bag.

Face Coverings

  • Primary School children are not required to wear face coverings, even if a local lockdown is in place. The government’s rules may change.
  • If parents wish their children to wear face coverings, the school will respect parental wishes.
  • Parents will need to provide a face covering for their child, if that is their wish.
  • Adults in school are required to wear face coverings at all times in the building, for example, when moving around the school.
  • Teachers and support staff are not required to wear face coverings when they are teaching in the classroom. However, adults may choose to wear face coverings when teaching, if they wish to do so.

Physical Education

  • All PE lessons will take place outside, weather permitting. If the weather is unsuitable, PE lessons will not take place.
  • There will be no PE lessons during the week beginning 7th
  • From week beginning 14th September, when PE is on the timetable, please send your child to school in clothing suitable for outdoor PE – a tracksuit or joggers with a warm sweatshirt top and trainers. Please do not send your child in expensive, designer trainers.  There will be no “getting changed” – the child will remain in this clothing all day.  Therefore the clothing needs to be warm enough.  Classrooms will be cooler, because of the need to keep windows open for good ventilation.

Indoor Shoes

  • The indoor shoe policy has been suspended until half term, in the first instance.
  • Governors will review all arrangements at the end of October.
  • Children will remain in the same footwear all day. This system will allow children to pass through the cloakrooms swiftly.
  • On PE days, children’s footwear must be appropriate for a PE lesson.

School Uniform

  • Children should come to school in their full school uniform.
  • All uniform items are machine washable and easy to launder. Therefore, we respectfully request parents, if they possible can, to wash children’s school clothes every day, in order to minimise the risk of viral load on the fabric.  We realise this is a “big ask”, but minimising risk, will keep everyone safe.  We cannot of course insist.
  • Clothing suitable for outdoor PE should be worn for the whole day when PE is timetabled. Please remember that it will be worn all day.  Therefore the PE clothing needs to be comfortable and warm enough to be worn while sitting working in well ventilated classrooms.

Classroom Equipment / Stationery

  • The school wants to minimise the sharing of equipment.
  • Many parents will want to send their children to school with named pencil cases, containing all the basic stationery – pens, pencils, rulers, a rubber and a pencil sharpener. Thank you – this will help us tremendously.
  • Please make sure that you send pencil cases which can be wiped, rather than those made from fabric.
  • Please don’t worry if you cannot provide this equipment. The school will provide basic equipment, as it always has done.  This equipment will be used by a child for the day and then thoroughly cleaned.
  • All children should have their own water bottle (named). There will be no cups or beakers available in the classrooms.  Water bottles are on sale in school, if required.
  • Hand gel and soap will be available in all classrooms. Hand washing and the use of anti-viral hand gel will be supervised.   However, some parents may wish to send in their own hand gel in named containers.


  • The government has stated that school attendance from September will be compulsory.
  • Please contact the school to arrange a telephone meeting with the Head Teacher, if you believe there is a particular reason why your child is unable to return to school e.g. underlying health conditions. We will ensure that a telephone meeting is offered within 24 hours.
  • You must not send your children to school if they display symptoms of Covid. You should arrange a test quickly and inform the school of the outcome.
  • You must inform the school if any pupil or if any member of your household tests positive for Covid.
  • National quarantine regulations will apply, including return from quarantined holiday destinations.
  • If a pupil displays Covid symptoms in school, the child will be immediately isolated (under supervision). The parents will be asked to collect the child, to arrange a test and to inform the school of the test result.
  • Ignore any fake news about social services involvement, if a child has Covid symptoms. This fake news is completely untrue.
  • If any pupil or staff member receives a positive test result for Covid, the school will immediately contact Public Health Bradford to be given the most up to date guidance about how to proceed.
  • If a year group bubble has to close for quarantine, pupils will be provided with work which they can do at home.


  • We know that many families have worked hard on home schooling. We understand that home schooling is by no means easy.
  • Additional time has been allocated from September for “catch up” in English and mathematics. Maths and English will fully occupy most mornings and the first half hour of each afternoon.
  • The school’s aim is to have “caught up” as much as possible in English and mathematics by the end of the Autumn Term (if there are no further interruptions to schooling)
  • Homework in Key Stage 2 (Y3 – Y6) will allow children to practise and consolidate their learning. Homework tasks will not cover new work.
  • Year group homework clubs will run every Wednesday from 3.15 – 4-15 for any pupil in Y3 – Y6 wishing to attend. Staff will be available to help children with their homework at these clubs.
  • More time spent on mathematics and English will inevitably mean less time on Foundation Subjects during the Autumn Term. Foundation Subjects (history, geography, RE, art, design technology and some music) will take place during afternoons.
  • Every class will ensure that there is adequate time given to PSHE. There will be a strong emphasis on supporting children’s sense of wellbeing and their mental health.
  • Nursery and YR will continue their usual pattern of learning, within continuous provision and through play based activities.
  • The school will not be using the computing suites at present, because of concerns about adequately cleaning keyboards.
  • French will not be taught during the first half term.
  • To accommodate the staggered arrival and departure times, teachers have planned arrival and departure English and mathematics activities, to practise and consolidate learning, so that every moment in school can be put to good use.

Off-site Visits

  • There are no residential visits scheduled to take place during 2020 – 2021 at present.
  • Day visits which link to the curriculum e.g visits to Murton Park, will be offered and will go ahead if venues remain open. Payments from parents will be refunded, if visits are cancelled.

Home school agreement

  • It is vital for everyone’s safety that all pupils comply with the school’s ‘Covid rules’.
  • These behaviour expectations have been added to the Home School Agreement. This document will be put onto the website before the start of term.
  • If any child behaves in a way which endangers the health and hygiene of other people in the building e.g. refusing to wash their hands, refusing to use anti-viral hand gel, deliberately coughing in the direction of another person, then parents will be contacted immediately. The school will need full parental support to maintain a safe environment.
  • We will work with parents to help the child who has behaved unacceptably, to understand that compliance with ‘Keeping Safe From Covid’ is essential and not negotiable.
  • If any child is unable to stick to those health and hygiene rules, the school will have no alternative but to ask the pupil to resume home schooling, for everyone’s safety. We cannot jeopardise people’s health.

The School Building and Play Areas

  • The layout of classrooms will be different in Y2 – Y6. For example, all tables will face the front.
  • Photographs will be put onto the website before the start of term, so children can see what to expect.
  • Toilets will be unisex. This is to ensure that year group bubbles do not mix in the toilets.  Urinals will not be used.
  • Year Groups already have different playtimes and lunchtimes. Their playing out areas will be designated spaces, marked out with benches, so that ‘year group bubbles’ play separately.  YR and Nursery children have their own playgrounds.
  • Parents will not be allowed into the school building, except in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances can only be approved by the Head Teacher.
  • Our amazing team of cleaners, led by the school’s premises manager, have worked conscientiously to keep the building safe throughout lockdown. These rigorous systems and procedures will continue.
  • In addition, each classroom has a cleaning pack. The teaching assistant will cleanse key areas like door handles, taps etc at regular times throughout the day.  Internal doors will continue to be kept open during the day, in order to eliminate the use of handles.

Partial Lockdowns / Home Schooling

  • The school has set up Google classrooms, which will enable pupils to access their teachers’ lesson input if partial or full lockdowns occur.
  • Google Classrooms will complement work put onto the website, as before.
  • The school has received only two laptops so far from the government’s initiative to provide laptops to assist with home schooling. Bradford Council named the two children who were to receive the laptops.  It was not a school decision.
  • The school awaits further information about promised government laptop schemes.


We realise that the “new normal” will seem strange at first, but we will all make the necessary adjustments and become used to it.

Most importantly, we will be together again, enjoying each other’s company and learning alongside our friends and teachers.

We must all look after each other (physically and mentally).  We must be patient, considerate and kind.  We will support each other to successfully navigate our way through the next phase of the pandemic.  Familiar routines and contact with others will help us all.

Please be assured that the physical and mental wellbeing of your children will be at the forefront of our minds at all times and will inform everything we do in school.

With very best wishes.

Joy Wood

Head Teacher


You can also download this information by clicking the following link:  Monday 7th September Full Re-opening: Additional Information

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