At Wellington, it is our aim to create and sustain a happy, caring community in which all pupils are enabled to learn effectively. We therefore promote values of mutual respect, self-discipline and social responsibility. The school expects all pupils to show acceptable standards of behaviour, good manners and consideration and respect towards all other people in the school community, their belongings and school property.

We seek to establish the highest possible consensus about standards of behaviour among pupils, parents and members of staff. We believe promoting positive behaviour should be done in partnership and agreement between the pupil, the home and the school. We are strongly committed to a written home school agreement.

The school seeks to reinforce and recognise positive behaviour, while having clearly established systems to sanction inappropriate behaviour. The school seeks to establish and reinforce the notion of “causes and consequences”.

Our policies include measures to prevent all forms of bullying against pupils. These can be accessed via the policies page from the drop down menu.