Head Teacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Wellington.

Within our happy and harmonious school community, we offer pupils from the age of 3 to 11 the opportunity to develop into confident, aspiring and responsible young people. The school’s ethos is founded on the principles of hard work and mutual respect. From this firm foundation our pupils are prepared to respond positively to the future challenges of their secondary schools and to become well rounded members of their communities.

At Wellington we believe that education should be intrinsically enjoyable and fulfilling now, as well as a means to future success. We celebrate the individuality of our pupils, seeking to build on their diverse strengths and talents. All pupils are stimulated, challenged, enriched and supported to achieve their personal best academically, creatively and socially.

We believe passionately in the crucial partnership between the school, the pupil and the family. Our highly professional staff team works in collaboration with you to develop excited and energised learners, who increasingly take responsibility for their own learning and who are driven to succeed in a variety of ways.

Wellington has a very strong sense of identity. All those who work here, pupils, staff and governors feel immense pride in our school and its values. Visitors often comment on the warmth and sense of team spirit which they experience at Wellington.

It is a great privilege to be the Headteacher of Wellington Primary School. Of course the best way to get the feel of our school is to visit, so I hope to have the opportunity of welcoming you to Wellington soon.

Joy Wood