School Aims & Values

At Wellington Primary School we believe that your child is entitled to the highest quality education we can provide. We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all children, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, social background, disability or ability. Central to our aims is the development of tolerance, understanding, harmony and respect for others.

We believe that this involves respecting children as individuals, and valuing and celebrating their achievements. We aim to promote their self-esteem and confidence within a caring, disciplined environment which encourages good manners and mutual respect. We want your child to be happy, confident and successful in an atmosphere which values everybody’s contribution.

We expect all our children to work and play together cooperatively, and to have respect for cultural and religious differences. We do not, therefore, ignore any incidents of racist behaviour or bullying – and take active steps to eliminate it. We expect that children behave in ways which allow teachers to teach and children to learn, and promote this positively through our behaviour system. Details of this are displayed in all classrooms. We believe that every child has an entitlement to uninterrupted learning.

We believe that you as parents have a key role in sharing your children’s learning and achievements, and that your children will learn more if we all work together. Our teachers and all other staff are the most important resource of our school. We work together as a team in a climate of mutual respect and support for the benefit of your child. We have high expectations of our children and they are entitled to have high expectations of us.

We strive to ensure that every pupil fulfils his or her potential both academically and socially.

We aim to ensure that all pupils enjoy learning while at Wellington and are well-prepared to move on with confidence to their secondary schools.