Nursery WOW Day

On Wednesday 22nd November, nursery had a WOW day to follow on from our fun World Nursery Rhyme week.  The children arrived in nursery to find an accident had occurred in a taped off area of the nursery playground – the children worked out that Humpty Dumpty had fallen off the wall!  Outdoors they wrote reports about what had happened to him, built a new wall for Humpty with sand cement, did weaving on oval shaped cards and drew lines on Humpty sheets.  Indoors the children sorted spherical and ovoid shapes in the water tray, explored different egg laying creatures in the sand tray, made playdough Humpty’s, drew patterns on oval paper, as well as lots of other counting and small world activities.  Of course, we sang lots of nursery rhymes aswell and had a fun day.



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