A message from Joy Wood, Headteacher – Work packs for collection

Message from Joy Wood, Head Teacher

Catch Up – July 2020

Dear Parent

I hope you are all well and staying safe, during these tricky and uncertain times.

July 2020

We now know that the government has abandoned plans to bring Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 back into school before the Summer holiday.   And we know that not all our YR, Y1 and Y6 pupils have felt comfortable to return to school just yet.  Therefore, we must plan accordingly, in order to make preparations for September.

Home Schooling

First of all, I would like to say a huge ‘well done’ to all those pupils and parents who have worked so hard to make the best of home schooling.  It has been by no means easy, so thank you for everything you have achieved.

Catch Up Strategies – Starting Monday 29th June

However good home schooling has been, there will be a big catch up job to be done from September 2020.  We want to help you get ahead of the game, during the next three weeks.

Printed Work Packs (Y1 – Y6)

We have printed catch up packs for every pupil in Y1 – Y6, who is not in school.  We would like everyone to collect their packs and to work really hard on catch up maths and English each morning.  There will be a pack available on Monday 29th June, Monday 6th July and Monday 13th July.

Where Can I Collect My Pack?

Please collect your child’s named pack from the school hall.  Access will be via the fire doors at the side of the hall.

When Can I Collect My Pack?

Please collect your first pack on Monday 29th June, between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

What About Marking?

Answers will be provided for maths, spellings and English punctuation and grammar questions.  Please send back to your teacher every week:-

  1. one piece of continuous, independent written English;
  2. a list of everything you have read during the week.

Your teacher will mark your English writing for you each week.

Please return your piece of writing for marking and your list of reading in your plastic wallet, on the following Monday, when you pick up your next pack. Put your name on your work please.

September 2020

Hopefully, in September, we will all be back together again.  Watch out for news about the new school year during the next few weeks.  Meanwhile, let’s spend the next three weeks really getting back into gear.

All members of staff join me in sending our very best wishes to all of you.

Kindest regards

Joy Wood

Head Teacher

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