Which days are my child’s PE lessons on?

PE lessons will be starting next week – Monday 14th September 2020

  • All PE lessons will take place outside, weather permitting. If the weather is unsuitable, PE lessons will not take place.
  • When your child is timetabled to have PE please send your child to school in clothing suitable for outdoor PE – a tracksuit or joggers with a warm sweatshirt top and trainers. Please do not send your child in expensive, designer trainers.  There will be no “getting changed” – your child will remain in this clothing all day.  Therefore the clothing needs to be warm enough.  Classrooms will be cooler, because of the need to keep windows open for good ventilation.

Below is a list of the days each class will have their PE lessons.

  • 1S – Monday and Thursday
  • 1M – Tuesday and Friday
  • 2P – Wednesday and Friday
  • 2L – Monday and Thursday
  • 3M – Tuesday and Friday
  • 3CD – Monday and Thursday
  • 4L – Monday and Wednesday
  • 4B – Monday and Tuesday
  • 5I – Tuesday and Thursday
  • 5T – Tuesday and Thursday
  • 6HJ – Wednesday and Friday
  • 6LO – Wednesday and Friday

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