Full re-opening of school – Monday 8th March

Wellington Primary School

Full re-opening of school

Monday 8th March


Hello Everyone

We are very excited to be welcoming all the children back to Wellington next Monday. We have missed our pupils so much. The school building has seemed very strange without them.

Wellington’s teachers are planning exciting new learning opportunities for the children. We are prioritising activities which will look after the children’s wellbeing and ease any anxieties which they may have about the return to school.

I want to say a huge thank you to all our families. Wellington parents have been truly amazing in the support given to your children during home learning. I know it has been by no means easy. Lockdown 3 has been particularly difficult for many people, perhaps because it has coincided with the cold, dark days of Winter.

But now, we are looking forward to getting back to familiar routines, as we take the first steps back to normality.

Information you need to know in preparation for Monday 8th March

When we fully re-open on Monday 8th, arrangements will be very similar to the Autumn Term, (September – December), with a few exceptions.  Arrangements will be reviewed at Easter.

At Wellington we will continue to be very cautious, in order to:-

  1. Minimise any risk of transmission of the virus;
  2. Minimise the number of people who need to self-isolate, when positive cases occur.

What will be the same as December?

  • Ventilation will be a very high priority to avoid transmission of the virus. Therefore, windows will always be open.
  • Children should wear school uniform plus fleeces, or something similar, for additional warmth, if the weather is cold.
  • All PE lessons will be outside.
  • On PE days, children should come to school in warm PE kit and suitable PE footwear.
  • If possible, the children should bring their own stationery (pens, pencils, rulers etc) in a pencil case, which can be easily sanitised. If this is not possible, we will provide equipment, which will be regularly cleaned.
  • The children should bring their own water bottles. These will be sent home at the end of each day to be washed and refilled.
  • The enhanced cleaning of surfaces and equipment during the day will continue.
  • Good hygiene is of the utmost importance. Handwashing and hand sanitising will be closely supervised.
  • Pupils will be in Year Group Bubbles. Each year group will use separate toilets and they will play out in separate spaces. In order to achieve this, toilets will be unisex.
  • All adults in the building will continue to wear face coverings at all times, including when they are teaching.
  • Primary School children are not required to wear masks, but children may wear masks if they wish to do so.
  • The layout of the furniture (Y1 – Y6) will continue to enable children to face the front.
  • Please do not send your child to school if they, or anyone else in your household, are showing any Covid symptoms.
  • Any positive Covid test result for a child or a family member must be reported to school.
  • If your child is self-isolating because of close contact with a positive Covid case, please inform the school.
  • The staggered start to the school day will continue. Children can arrive between 8.35 and 9 a.m. They should go directly into the building, as soon as they arrive.
  • Parents are asked to wear masks on the playground and to respect the 2 metre rule. Thanks to all those who supported us with this request during the Autumn Term.
  • The canteen will be open only for pupils who require a hot meal.
  • Pupils who bring a packed lunch from home will eat it in their classrooms.
  • Pupils can order a cold lunch from the canteen. This will be delivered to their classrooms.
  • Homework clubs (Wednesday 3.15 – 4.15) for all KS2 classes will start Wednesday 10th
  • Pupils will be reminded of the expectations set out in the ‘Covid-19 Home-School Agreement’ and must comply with these.

What will be different from December?

  • All pupils will finish school at 3.15. There will be no early dismissal. There will no longer be a staggered finishing time.
  • We have changed the end of the day arrangements, because early dismissal of some children had a negative impact on the children’s learning and the ethos in the classroom during the final half hour of the day.
  • There will no longer be the need to knock on classroom windows.
  • The playground gates will not be opened until 3.05.
  • Parents are asked NOT to arrive before 3.05 and not to gather at the gates.
  • While waiting on the playground for the children to be dismissed, parents are asked to stand back from the doors.
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the building.
  • Staff will be very vigilant about ensuring that each child is safely dismissed into the care of the person who is collecting. Please be patient, particularly when collecting the younger children. Please ensure that people collecting (if they are not known to staff) have the passwords.
  • Miss Blackwell, one of our Reception Class teachers, who is pregnant and therefore classed as clinically vulnerable during the pandemic, will be delivering her teaching to her class on screen. Other colleagues will be in the classroom to support RB children.
  • Parents of RB children will receive further details about how this will work.

If you have any questions about Monday 8th March, please do not hesitate to either give me a ring or contact me by e-mail:-  joy.wood@wellington.bradford.sch.uk

I am almost always on the playground at the start of the school day and at the end of the school day, so please come and talk to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Our top priority is the children’s happiness and wellbeing, as we welcome everyone back after another difficult period of lockdown.

Kindest regards

Joy Wood
Head Teacher

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