Teaching and Learning

Our children work as a class for differing periods of time, and also, at other times, in groups or independently. Groups will generally be formed on the basis of ability, but at times will take account of particular interests or friendships.

Each teaching situation is different and teachers work with the class and groups for a variety of reasons e.g. teaching a new skill or technique; developing new knowledge; encouraging co-operation; demonstrating forms of recording; supporting reviews of activities and evaluating and assessing learning.

Learning and teaching are well supported by a team of teaching assistants.

Within any class there will be children with a range of abilities. Teachers provide different tasks to meet different needs including those of more able children. Help and support is always given by class teachers to children experiencing learning difficulties and individual programmes are devised for those who are exceptionally able. Wherever possible, additional help is given by teaching assistants.

Within school we use a variety of learning and teaching styles. We work hard to ensure that teaching styles and resources match the needs of all groups.