Wellington Primary School takes seriously its ‘duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils at the School’ (Education Act 2002 Section 175). The welfare of the child is paramount. All children must have equal rights to protection. We are committed to having in place procedures that will support informed and sensitive management of safeguarding and child protection issues. The School recognises that there are several inter-linking components which form an integrated framework to provide protective/preventative provisions.

  1. Clear policies (related) and procedures
  2. Clear roles and responsibilities e.g. Named Persons
  3. Adhering to Education Bradford’s safer recruitment policies
  4. Ensuring staff adhere to a professional code of conduct
  5. Pupil empowerment through the curriculum and the culture of the school

The School recognises the importance of being vigilant at all times both with regards to those we know and also those we do not and never believing that “it could never happen here”. In relation to this, we recognise that it is possible for staff and volunteers to behave in a way that causes harm to children. We take any allegation seriously and follow Education Bradford guidelines for dealing with this.